Don’t Regret Buying iPhone 1.0

What’s new with the new 3G iPhone? Well, 3G of course and GPS. There’s a list of slightly incremental enhancements such as the black back, flush head phone jack, rounder shape, and so forth; but there’s still a few key missing features:

  1. More disk space – same 8 and 16 gig versions
  2. Better camera – same 2MP, no autofocus camera (which is almost useless for advanced features)
  3. No video recording – which might be able to be upgraded via software
  4. No MMS – are you serious?
  5. Copy and paste – a huge mistake but again, possible via software upgrade.

What is good about the 3G iPhone?

Other than the 3G and GPS as stated above, it has better battery life. 10 hours on 2G vs. 8 hours on old phone; and it has 5 hours on 3G. Oh, one more big thing, ATT is subsidizing it. The iPhone is now:


Ouch, I can live with that, but what’s in it for me?

Early adopters, no worries. If you bought the iPhone after May 27, 2008, you can swap it for the new iPhone. If you bought it even earlier like me, you’re stuck. You can pay $199, sign another 2 year contract (which voids your old contract and the clock starts over again).

Most of the most exciting enhancements will be via software 2.0, to be released in early July. Some of the most exciting updates will be:

  • Enterprise support for MS Exchange Server
  • Applications, and some really cool games
  • Better e-mail app – including bulk delete/move
  • Contacts search
  • Scientific calculator
  • E-mail attachment support for iWork and MS Office
Also very promising is mobile me, a personal enterprise solution of push e-mail, contacts, calendar, and more. It’s an update to the .Mac service. I look forward to doing a more in depth review of this feature when it comes out. It allows your phone to sync up with many different computers and with your phone.

Final regrets?

Finally, I am sad that I didn’t wait, but these past six months have been the best years of my gadget loving career. I love the iPhone and don’t regret jumping on the bandwagon early. I look forward to the software update. I also will likely buy a 3rd party GPS adapter that likely will be built soon.

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