Daniel is dedicated to making change in the world and isn’t afraid to practice what he preaches.

In his personal life he challenges himself to learn new skills and take on new challenges like tearing down his chimney, raising chickens, building a local library and skydiving.

In business he inspires organizations to think bigger and focus not only on profits, but on their global and local impact, their strategic vision for the future and creating a culture that stokes innovation and community.

As a new father he’s going through some major life changes, learning incredible lessons and having an amazing time getting to know his son Oliver.

Below are some additional tidbits, fun facts and accolades Daniel has received throughout his life and career.

  • Founder of Nineteen80 (management consultancy and creative agency) and Singletto (life sciences startup)
  • Named 2015 Consulting Magazine Rising Stars of the Profession: 35 under 35
  • Member of the City of Seattle Citizens’ Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board (CTTAB)
  • Own a Saltbox Designs Saltbox chicken coop along with a Rhode Island Red named Lola and a Wellsomer named Amelia
  • Worked on an Oracle supply chain implementation project
  • Own a 1928 Tutor Revival in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle
  • Attended a two day workshop at The Grove on the Principles of Graphic Facilitation
  • Live with two tuxedo cats named Mochi and Pippi
  • Developed a personal home business system using free resources online including document management, file storage, and remote desktop access
  • Implemented CCH/PwC TeamMate electronic workpapers at the California State Auditor’s Office
  • Attended the CCH TeamMate Users Conference in Las Vegas
  • Worked on a PeopleSoft HR and Finance project
  • Setup a company Intranet using Google Apps
  • Developed a sample Social Media Policy published at IT Business Edge
  • Interviewed by IT Business Edge on Social Media
  • Blogged since 1995 using Notepad to write HTML
  • Used Facebook in 2005 and Twitter in 2007
  • Built a ridership and funding model using Lumina Analytica for the Seattle Monorail Project
  • Attended the Stata Users Conference in Boston
  • Alumni blogger for Pepperdine School of Public Policy.
  • First capstone group at Pepperdine to use a blog and website to communicate senior thesis project
  • Developed IT Strategic Plans for the City of Boise, ID and City of Surrey, BC
  • Former Commissioner on the City of Davis Finance and Budget Commission
  • Program Coordinator for the University of Washington Student Technology Fee Committee with oversight of more than $6M in technology funds
  • Former President of the Vietnamese Student Association at the University of Washington
  • Created a computer game review site in 1994 and received preview copies of games from publishers and developers
  • Offered $1,000 to develop a website in 1995
  • Setup a BBS (bulletin board system) in the late 80’s and tied up the home phone line using a 2400 baud modem