Google Wave Will Be the Future of Communication and Collaboration

Earlier this week, Google announced the release of their new communication tool, Google Wave. It’s already available for the select group of developers who attended the Google I/O convention. I’m going to take a chance now and say that it’s going to be big. Up until now, Google has separately released a number of powerful,Continue reading “Google Wave Will Be the Future of Communication and Collaboration”

Don’t Regret Buying iPhone 1.0

What’s new with the new 3G iPhone? Well, 3G of course and GPS. There’s a list of slightly incremental enhancements such as the black back, flush head phone jack, rounder shape, and so forth; but there’s still a few key missing features: More disk space – same 8 and 16 gig versions Better camera –Continue reading “Don’t Regret Buying iPhone 1.0”