Traveling Consultant? There’s an App for that. 10 apps for business productivity.

There’s an app for everything. As a traveling business consultant, I rely on my iPhone more than most people. I depend on a core set of apps that help me remain productive during down times: waiting at the airport, waiting for a meeting to start, and “shhhh…” while commuting home. My upgrade to the iPhoneContinue reading “Traveling Consultant? There’s an App for that. 10 apps for business productivity.”

The Day After 7.11.2008 – When Apple Failed

Yesterday, 7.11.2008, is day that shall be remember as the day that Apple missed the mark with the iPhone 2.0 launch. In an attempt to do a world wide single day launch extravaganza, the demand caused Apple’s servers to crash and left many current iPhone users hoping to upgrade in the dust and would-be ownersContinue reading “The Day After 7.11.2008 – When Apple Failed”

Don’t Regret Buying iPhone 1.0

What’s new with the new 3G iPhone? Well, 3G of course and GPS. There’s a list of slightly incremental enhancements such as the black back, flush head phone jack, rounder shape, and so forth; but there’s still a few key missing features: More disk space – same 8 and 16 gig versions Better camera –Continue reading “Don’t Regret Buying iPhone 1.0”

Google Reader is the Tivo of Blogs

I stopped using browser bookmarks. Reading blogs by visiting the site is comparable to watching TV live. Using an RSS reader, particularly Google Reader, I am able to pull the posts and “aggregate” them into one simple to use interface. While this isn’t any particularly new technology, the new site designed for the iPhone isContinue reading “Google Reader is the Tivo of Blogs”

Why DVDs Don’t Make Cents

Video rentals use to mean driving to the movie rental store, walk around the shelves and looking for the latest releases (hoping that all copies weren’t check out), driving the DVD back home, watching it, and then returning it (more often than not, paying a late fee). While not a new concept, various providers areContinue reading “Why DVDs Don’t Make Cents”