Google Reader is the Tivo of Blogs

I stopped using browser bookmarks. Reading blogs by visiting the site is comparable to watching TV live. Using an RSS reader, particularly Google Reader, I am able to pull the posts and “aggregate” them into one simple to use interface. While this isn’t any particularly new technology, the new site designed for the iPhone is amazing.

The site is still in beta so visiting Google Reader on your iPhone won’t get you there. You’ll have to type in this link directly:

How to organize your feeds

Not surprisingly, I organize my feeds similar to the categories for my site: technology, career, investing, and productivity. For posts that I enjoy, I’ll click share (which also gets shared on this site). You can also “star” your feeds and most importantly, Google Search through all of them.

Why the iPhone beta site works so well

There are lots of slow moments in my day where I’m waiting for things, whether it be for a meeting that starting later than expected or sitting in traffic. A quick click and I’m scrolling through all my sites and keeping up on the updated content: being productive by reading about productivity.

Some of my favorite feeds:

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  1. I still like to go to the blog to read it. The formatting makes it a complete blog experience.

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