Weekend Roundup 1

Periodically during the weekends, I’ll recap a few posts that were long forgotten in the archives. Today, the theme is social media:

#ScreenGrab 09
Creative Commons License photo credit: claudia vieira

  • Social Media Policies and Procedures
    This was one of my best posts that was tweeted by @chrisbrogan and drove in a lot of traffic. There’s a strong business interest from companies and organizations to develop their own policies regarding the usage of social media at work and off work.
  • Social Media Strategic Plan
    This post is the follow up to the policies and procedures post. A quick Google search doesn’t reveal very many viable social media strategic plans and therefore lead to a strong demand by my commenters for me to expand further on this post. More to come.
  • What is Twitter and Twitter Resources
    Although this post is getting old, I found myself often referring back to it and using some of the resources I pointed out.
  • What is Social Media
    This is a series of Common Craft videos on what is Social Media and what is Twitter.

In addition, here are a few highlights of some great individuals I’ve recently communicated with:

  • Jun Loayza
    Jun is an amazing and energetic entrepreneur and specializes in developing web 2.0 social media interactive sites. He is in a class of his own and shares invaluable knowledge regarding social media.
  • Cody McKibben
    Cody is a Location Independent consultant that specializes in WordPress and blogging design, operations, and maintenance. I referenced a post I wrote regarding our one-hour consultation recently.
  • Natasha Wescoat & David Hoang
    I added Natasha and David to this list because they are unique, and different users of social media to promote their art.

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  1. You do produce some amazing and original content that can't be found anywhere else. Your blogger series brings new personality and hopefully convinces new bloggers, myself included, to start doing video posts. I love Natasha's art and really appreciate the concept of using social media to promote art.

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