Weekend Roundup 1

Periodically during the weekends, I’ll recap a few posts that were long forgotten in the archives. Today, the theme is social media: photo credit: claudia vieira Social Media Policies and Procedures This was one of my best posts that was tweeted by @chrisbrogan and drove in a lot of traffic. There’s a strong business interestContinue reading “Weekend Roundup 1”

Social Media Strategic Plan (Part 2)

My last post on implementing social media policies and procedures received a lot of support from the blogging community. Carl Weinschenk, of IT Business Edge, interviewed me on how companies can better roll out social media initiatives, incorporating policies to protect the company and the employee. This week, we’ll build upon that and develop aContinue reading “Social Media Strategic Plan (Part 2)”

Social Media Policies and Procedures (Part 1)

It’s a fact of life, social media is here to stay. Sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter are all reaching critical mass. It’s not just a network for college students or adolescence teenagers anymore. We’re starting to see professionals, celebrities, and even politicians publishing profiles, blogs, and even tweets. Rather than use a wait and see approach,Continue reading “Social Media Policies and Procedures (Part 1)”

What is Twitter and Twitter Resources

Started in March of 2006, twitter has grown beyond a small group of users to adoption by mainstream media. It’s rare to go to any social media site and not see a reference to someone’s twitter account. The following is a brief walk through from the “what is twitter” stage to “how do I becomeContinue reading “What is Twitter and Twitter Resources”

Should My Company Join the Social Media Revolution

Social Media is the latest Internet phenomenon. Viral videos, blogs, networks, tweets, are just among the hundreds and thousands of ideas, concepts, and mediums being popularized by the millions followers. However, it seems that unless a company employs 20-somethings, or have a employee base that is technologically adept, their attempts at entering the social mediaContinue reading “Should My Company Join the Social Media Revolution”