Learning from Authors via Conference Calls

A few months ago, I read a tweet regarding a teleconference with Guy Kawasaki, John Jantsch, and Penelope Trunk. It was to promote Guy’s new book “Reality Check.” Up to this point, I had no clue what Author Teleseminars were about, other than a few of my trusted twitter friends had posted a phone number and a conference call code. What the heck I said and I dialed in.

To my surprise, it was facilitated very well by book marketer Elizabeth Marshall, of Marketing Marshall. The conversation revolved around entrepreneurs and panel provide real world insight into starting a business, bootstrapping, working with investors, and more. Unlike a real book tour, a virtual conference calls allows you to participate in the convenience of your own time and location. The most insightful part of the call was the Q&A session at the end, where people posted questions and asked the panelists.

At the end of the call, and almost every call, Elizabeth usually presents a special offer. For example, in Guy’s case, it meant buying three of his books, and getting three other books for free. Other offers include a free seminar by the book author to improve marketing efforts.

Upcoming February 2009 calls

To give you a feel for the type of quality authors and panelists on the call, here’s a sampling of the February calls.

CALL #1: Wed, Feb 11 at 3pm ET (Get Content Get Customers #2

This is the 2nd call in the Get Content Get Customers book tour featuring Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett and experts Brian Clark (copyblogger) and Rohit Bhargava (big following on twitter).  Their first call was a BIG hit, so I know this one will be great as well.

CALL #2: Mon, Feb 16 at 12pm/Noon ET (It’s Not What You Sell Book)

This book is big, with endorsements by Bill Clinton, Herb Kelleher, and Jim Collins.  It’s the first call for Roy Spence and his book, It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Stand For.  In a nut shell, Roy talks about how remarkable companies always sell based on what they stand for and how having an authentic brand actually helps you sell more, not less.  He gives a blueprint for discovering what you stand for and leveraging that with sales/customers. Roy’s company is the GENIUS behind all the successful Southwest Airlines ads over the last 30 yrs – brilliant!

CALL #3: Thurs, Feb 19 at 2pm ET (Rubies in the Orchard)

Lynda Resnick is a brilliant business woman – one that you have seen the evidence of her work.  She’s the genius behind POM wonderful, the pomegranate juice that created an entirely new industry that had Oprah raving about her product.  She’s also the reason that Fiji water is the number #1 bottled water company, with an 300% increase in sales since 2004. On the call, we wil talk about her key marketing secrets that have made her into one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. By the way, she rubs shoulders with some of the most well-known CEOs and celebrities, so she’s someone you want to get to know!

CALL #4: Thurs, Feb 26 at 1pm ET (Where’s My Fifteen Minutes)

This is a single call for PR expert, Howard Bragman.  His book is called, Where’s My Fifteen Minutes: Getting Your Company, Your Cause or Yourself the Recognition You Deserve. He’s the top PR firm in Los Angeles and the PR expert that many many celebrities have relied on for good PR. He’s going to talk about how to position yourself for good publicity, how to leverage the PR outlets that are still working and mistakes to avoid. His book is very didactical and practical with lots of good tips. You will actually have a chance to ask live Q&A on this call – a great chance to pick his brain about the future of PR.

How do I participate or learn more

The best way is to sign up for the email list at Author Teleseminars. I’m a member myself and receive a very reasonable amount of email. They are usually to announce the upcoming call, give you the call in number, and provide you a link to the .mp3 recording. Alternatively, follow me on twitter @danielhoang and receive my updates.

Disclaimer: I’m a member of Elizabeth Marshall’s Author Teleseminars ambassadors group. We meet monthly to discuss ways to share this resource to a wider and broad audience. I receive no monetary compensation for participating.

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