Learning from Authors via Conference Calls

A few months ago, I read a tweet regarding a teleconference with Guy Kawasaki,┬áJohn Jantsch, and Penelope Trunk. It was to promote Guy’s new book “Reality Check.” Up to this point, I had no clue what Author Teleseminars were about, other than a few of my trusted twitter friends had posted a phone number andContinue reading “Learning from Authors via Conference Calls”

An “Owner’s Manual” … for Your Blog?

As a shareholder of Google, I read the Owners Manual for Google Shareholders. Both Larry and Sergey emulated the same technique that Warren Buffett employed with Berkshire Hathaway in his owner’s manual for shareholders. Essentially, it is a manifesto of their guiding principals for their business. It solidifies their long-term approach to business decisions andContinue reading “An “Owner’s Manual” … for Your Blog?”