First look at the ColsenKeane 4313 Minimalistic Satchel

I n my search for the ultimate lifetime bag, I came across a new addition to my collection: The ColsenKeane 4313 Minimalistic Satchel in Crazy Horse Leather. In a world where everything is mass manufactured in some off-shore location by assembly line factory workers, ColsenKeane is truly a throwback in time of old-timer leather craftsmen.Continue reading “First look at the ColsenKeane 4313 Minimalistic Satchel”

Breaking in a Saddleback Briefcase

W hen I got my Saddleback Briefcase, I went on a process to break it in so that it’s more manageable as an every day bag. Out of the box, Saddleback products are beautiful but very stiff. My last bag, the messenger, took a solid two years to break in. I’m hoping to accelerate theContinue reading “Breaking in a Saddleback Briefcase”