Holiday Slow Down is a Good Time to Replan

Holidays are a great time to “Press the Reset Button On Your Life.” Whether you’re taking time off for Christmas, or protesting for a more inclusive holiday season free from religion, the fact is, that people are socializing, spending time with family, or on vacation. Other than the service industry, things do slow down, andContinue reading “Holiday Slow Down is a Good Time to Replan”

Participating in Local Government Can Be Rewarding

$700B to the financial sector. $25B to the auto makers. A couple billion here and a couple billion there. At the national and federal level, decisions are made that affect millions and cost billions. At the local level, say city and county, decisions affects thousands and costs thousands to hundreds of thousands to a fewContinue reading “Participating in Local Government Can Be Rewarding”

Shout Out to the Brazen Careerist Team

Brazen Careerist, an online community known as the career center for Generation Y, recently revamped its site and make it more socially interactive. It started as a network of 50 beta bloggers and has grown to over 350 20-something, Gen-Y bloggers (I joined in May 2008). First off, congrats to the BC team for theirContinue reading “Shout Out to the Brazen Careerist Team”