What I’m doing Now

Updated 3/10/2020


I quit my consulting job after 7 years at Point B to start my own firm, Nineteen80 in January of 2020. Nineteen80 is an umbrella company to house all my varying interests but strong emphasis on storytelling. I’ve been doing weekly Vlogs on my journey.

In late 2020, I joined a life sciences startup Singletto to bring my storytelling skills to grow the company.


I’m living the pandemic life since March of 2020.


I’m a learner and really love learning to learn.

Filmmaking – Check out my YouTube channel for more about video.

Building Trades – I recently built a bedroom and have proficiency in carpentry, electrical, and some basic plumbing (I drilled into a water line once).

No-Code build – I’m working on a digital membership product for my company using Webflow, Memberstack, Air Table, and Zapier.

Make a Now Page

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