Meyers Briggs Personality: INTP

According to my type test, I am an Introverted iNtuition Thinking Perceiving.

INTP types are quiet, thoughtful, analytical individuals who don’t mind spending long periods of time on their own working through problems and forming solutions. They are very curious about systems and how things work, and are frequently found in careers such as science, architecture and law. INTPs tend to be less at ease in social situations and the caring professions, although they enjoy the company of those who share their interests. They also tend to be impatient with the bureaucracy, rigid hierarchies, and politics prevalent in many professions, preferring to work informally with others as equals.

INTPs organize their understanding of any topic by articulating principles, and they are especially drawn to theoretical constructs–such as the MBTI. Having articulated these principles for themselves, they can demonstrate remarkable skill in explaining complex ideas to others in simple terms, especially in writing. On the other hand, their ability to grasp complexity may also lead them to provide overly detailed explanations of “simple” ideas, and listeners may judge that the INTP makes things more difficult than they are.

INTPs extraverted intuition gives them a quick wit, especially with language, and they can diffuse the tension in gatherings by comical observations and references. They can be charming, even in their quiet reserve, and can be astounded at the high esteem in which their friends and colleagues hold them.

I Am Not a Tree Hugger

I don’t consider myself a tree hugger. I am not a ultra hippy vegan. I do remember as a child crushing cans, cutting the plastic soda things, and saving every sheet of paper to recycle.

Today, I am getting back to my roots and slowly trying to be a better citizen of planet Earth. As my disposable income increases, I find it more affordable to shop at the organic grocery stores and purchase more recycled items. In fact, my next goal is to eliminate plastic grocery bags from my daily life (I do save them bags and deposit them in the recycling bin at Safeway). I keep most of the lights off when possible and open the blinds to let in natural light. My electricity bill has also gone down because I reduce the use of the AC and shut things off them they’re not in use.

Additionally, I recycle almost all paper products. I used to recycle only big boxes such as the cereal box or the orange juice carton. Now, I actually collect all cardboard items such as the tiny package my razors came in to my toothpaste container.

I found that tree hugger publishes a number of very interesting and enlightening articles.