Italy vacation 2014

After a long time since our last long vacation, we finally found some time to get a three week vacation to Italy. Thuc put together an amazing literary to visit many places throughout Italy.

Note: I’m not done adding commentary to the images below.

Layover in Amsterdam and Rome. We took a half day layover in Amsterdam to visit the city and get a preview. I love the people, orderliness, and politeness of the people. Definitely will have to come back again soon. In our last vacation, we took a 6 hour layover in Rome and got a chance to whiz through the city. This time, we took more time to visit the landmarks.

Photo Jun 17, 9 07 02 PM

Positano in the Amalfi Coast. After a few days in Rome, we took the train to Salerno and then a ferry to Positano. I’ve always wanted to visit one of those cities hugging the mountain next to the sea. Our bed and breakfast was situated at the highest point in the city. After a very expensive cab ride up, we finally figured out how to use the local bus. The first night, we walked down 1700 steps down to town for dinner. When I got up to pay, my legs gave out and I hobbled back to the bus stop.

Photo Jun 17, 9 08 41 PM

Capri From Positano, we took another ferry to visit the Island of Capri. It’s another beautiful place with very high end shopping. Photo Jun 17, 9 10 44 PM

Florence We took the ferry back to Salerno and then a train to Florence. We weren’t big fans of the city but I loved the statue of David. It’s incredible to see in person.

Photo Jun 17, 9 12 54 PM

Tuscany After a frustrating lesson that you can’t hail a cab in Florence, we finally made it to the car rental shop and got a Fiat to drive to Tuscany. It’s been 15 years since I drove a manual and was a fun adventure to drive out of Florence and then into the countryside. Photo Jun 17, 9 14 41 PM

Pisa We stopped for a bit just to take a snapshot of the leaning tower of Pisa. It was definitely a sight to see but we wished we had more time to visit the rest of the city.

Photo Jun 17, 9 17 23 PM

Cinque Terre We made it to Cinque Terre by train. We stayed in the middle of the five towns. Photo Jun 17, 9 18 38 PM

Milan On the way to Venice, we took another stop in Milan to visit the city. It was definitely the most modern of all the places we visited in Italy. Photo Jun 17, 9 19 53 PM

Venice Our last destination was Venice, my favorite of all the cities.

Photo Jun 17, 9 22 35 PM

Back to Rome We took a long train ride back to Rome and spend a few days before we flew out. Photo Jun 17, 9 25 19 PM

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