Traveling Consultant? There’s an App for that. 10 apps for business productivity.

There’s an app for everything. As a traveling business consultant, I rely on my iPhone more than most people. I depend on a core set of apps that help me remain productive during down times: waiting at the airport, waiting for a meeting to start, and “shhhh…” while commuting home. My upgrade to the iPhoneContinue reading “Traveling Consultant? There’s an App for that. 10 apps for business productivity.”

Does Experience Matter?

With all the election frenzie particularly about Republican Vice President candidate Sarah Palin in the blogosphere, it brings me back to the question, does years of experience matter? This post isn’t about whether Palin is qualified, or even whether McCain or Obama should be president. Rather, it’s a general question of work experience. For manyContinue reading “Does Experience Matter?”

Taking a Methodological Approach to Solving Problems

There are two types of jobs: doer or reviewer. The doer creates widgets, manages programs, or provides services. The reviewer are consultants, auditors, and any external entity that reviews the doer’s product or service after the fact. Being a Gen-Y’er, my education consisted mostly of theory and thought. Very little was actually spent on planningContinue reading “Taking a Methodological Approach to Solving Problems”