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Opting Out of the Yellow Pages, Who Still Uses Phone Books?

The Yellow Pages company has finally learned something, people don’t want their product. It’s forcefully delivered, dumped in our yards, doorsteps, or anywhere the delivery guy can find access. In this digital age, a hard copy Yellow Book is all but obsolete. However, finding bail bonds, pawn shops, and other seedy establishments still is best via a traditional hard copy Yellow Pages (not that I have experience with this).

Go to the opt out page at

While you’re there, you can also download their sustainability report, because Yellow Books are so great for the environment. You can also learn how to recycle your Yellow Pages, because you wanted it in the first place. You can also get some facts on the Yellow Pages. Did you know that directory pages do not come from freshly cut trees? They just come from recycled paper that could be used to produce products that people won’t dump right back into the trash. Way to make a difference in the world Yellow Pages. The only cliches missing on is the obligatory join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Unfortunately, it appears that consumers’ demand for opting out has overwhelmed their servers.

What do you think? Should Yellow Pages be banned? Should it be an opt-in system? If it’s an opt in system, perhaps the business model no longer works. Advertisers want eyeballs on pages.

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