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I Don’t Have Time for Social Media – How They Do It

If you’re wondering how all these young people are always on and always connected, here are a few ways they do that.

  • Using mobile devices – They use their smartphones that come with social media apps. This makes updating, uploading photos, and sharing much faster, especially on the go.
  • By text message – They use text messages, a lot. Texting is forgiving of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Just mash the buttons and get the thing out.
  • Using specialized software – They use software like TweetDeck to monitor tweets. They can slice their streams up into different subjects. Using software, they can also access multiple accounts and make updates.
  • Multi-task – They can do more than one thing at a time. They rarely do only one activity at a time. Eating together means a mix conversation of live talking with interactions on their phones.
  • Multiple windows – Windows and Macs allow more than one application open at a time. With a second monitor, it makes it even easier to keep an eye on things.
  • Automation – Social media sites can be integrated. A post on one site can automatically send a post on another site. They’re not posting one account at a time.

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